24 May 2013

Happy Friday & a Special Survey!

Happy Friday!

I do so love Fridays - the anitcipation of the weekend. Friends & family. And taking life just a little slower, if only for a couple of days. After all, isn't that what its all about? And this weekend, as we reflect on those who have served in our honor (let us not forget the ultimate sacrifice they made to preserve our freedoms), be sure to take time to enjoy those very special blessings we have in our lives.

Speaking of friends & family, I have a little announcement that I hope you, my friends, will soon get to enjoy. I'm humbled to say that {Home-ology} has grown quite an audience over the past year. Yay for good things! And I can't tell you how overwhelemd with gratitude I feel that you enjoy the content I love to write about. I hope by visiting I've added a little pleasure to your busy day.

And because this community is growing steadily, I feel compelled to provide you with a more visually stimulating and reader friendly environment.  So, after many months of searching for the right team, I've finally settled on a wonderful group of talented ladies to redesign this blog into something beautiful and interactive. I am so excited and can't wait for you all to see the end result.

But before the work is done, I'm asking for your help and input. An important part of the changes for {Home-ology} is to create a site that provides value each and every time you visit.  Although this blog will always be true to my personal vision, it is just as important that it be a place you enjoy visiting. This blog is an opportunity for us all to connect on a more personal level, and I want it to be a site that we build together.  That said, I would dearly love your true & honest input.

To help the blog develop in bigger ways, I've created a survey that will help me gather your thoughts and ideas so that I may incorporate them into the final product. All answers are completely anonymous and ask for no personal information, so I expect your honest feedback and suggestions! (Keep it real, peeps!) Please take a moment and click here to take survey - it's quick and simple and will be a huge value to our team as we take this blog to the next level.

Thanks to each of  you, there are some truly great happenings in store. But it will only be successful with your input, so click here to take survey! Thanks guys ;)


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