15 May 2013

Floral Arrangements from the Garden

Part of last weekend was spent catching up in the garden and reaping the rewards of all my hard work by bringing some blooms indoors.
spring bouquet of iris and fern
This is what makes all the hard work worth it.
These simple stems of water iris are set behind a potted fern for a woodland display.
bouquet of rhododendron and iris
One of my favorite annual blooms are from our rhododendrons. So full and lush and so Southern. The grey chair is the perfect backdrop for this lavender blossom.
bouquet of rhododendron and iris
But this arrangement is my favorite only because a precious two & four year old helped to arrange it. Such talent! I can already see the gardening potential in them both and will do all in my power to encourage the tradition!

When trying to decide on a prominent spot for this bouquet, I was instructed by the girls to placed this arrangement in the kitchen window in front of the sink because they said I stand there all the time. I suppose that was so that I could enjoy it while doing one of my least favorite chores washing the dishes. Sweet little imps! ;)

What's blooming in your gardens?

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  1. Sarah - these are all stunning! Can't choose a favourite.

  2. heather, thank you so much for your kind comments!


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