06 May 2013

April Recap

April was a very busy month. So busy, in fact, that I didn't feel I completed any one thing. But as I look back, I see that quite a lot was actually accomplished! Yay for me getting stuff done even though I'm up to my armpits in removing wallpaper at this very moment.

 Let's recap the highlights of April 2013.

Throughout the month I was able to steal away for a few moments and hit a few of my favorite haunts and dives. My favorite vintage find was this beautiful Vintage Wedding Cake Topper from the 1950's.
So beautiful with the pair of love birds atop - just in time for those spring weddings. As expected, it sold quickly in the Etsy shop.

And on another of my hunts, I found a collection of old plastic toys at a local thrift shop that I turned into home decor
These were so realistically designed, not childlike at all. Just too interesting to pass up.

During the earlier part of the month I made time to pack away the winter accessories, clean the fireplace, and lighten things up by bringing out my collection of clear glass containers & filling a few of them with some spring blossoms off the property.
I love how clear glass bounces light around a room. For spring and summer, their airy qualities are the perfect touch.

I also revived a great mid-century bookcase by simply refreshing the finish with one of my favorite go-to's, taking this piece from ugly to awesome.
Always a treat to find a great 1950's classic.

My most popular post this month was on making a terrarium using vintage glass containers.
This post got some serious lovin' from you guys! Did you make one of your very own? Mine are holding up well so far!

I also did a tutorial on how to plant tomatoes in containers.
Being that we will be away for extended periods for much of the summer, a small container garden gives us at least a few fresh vege's to enjoy when we're home.

And that takes us to where I am today, up to my armpits in wallpaper as we reclaim a vintage bathroom by taking it back to its original roots.
I know y'all have seen enough of this bathroom. Trust me, I'm right there with ya. But there'll be one more post once it's completed. Believe me, once it's done, I'm gonna bask in the fact that the sucker is checked off the to-do list. You gotta give me that considering what a pain in the rear rewarding job it has been.

So, here's to May and the hopes that the rain will hold off long enough for us to get those darned dead trees removed from the property. Every time we schedule a date, we get rained out - such a bummer, as I have been waiting a very long  time to get the other half motivated to "get 'er done." Ladies, you know what I mean {wink}!


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