20 May 2013

Alt For Everyone {and a Little Shopping in Between}

ticket admission
This weekend was the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming. I find this market often to be a hit or miss. This month was a hit ;)
vintage vignettes
I picked up several unique treasures like this old leather suitcase. I love it so much that I'm considering it for myself. And the very old pair of child's boxing gloves stuffed with horse hair - wouldn't these would be perfect in a little one's room?

Do you see the little set of Jell-O molds hiding in the back? Do they take you back to your childhood?

And I finally found a air plant. Yay!!! I have been looking for one since last season. I have the perfect vessel for this little guy I'll show you soon. But for now, here's a few highlights of the show.

The very nice piece of Copco  was too cute to resist in happy yellow.
yellow copco
I actually did a post on the history of Copco last year (Do You Know Copco?) and have sold several pieces. But I've never kept a piece for myself - so I'm excited to test it out! As much as I love to cook with cast iron, Copco should be right up my alley. Besides, it'll be pretty to look at as I happily stir...
mid century round chair
  Here's another piece I purchased which I'm seriously considering keeping for myself {if I can find a spot}. I haven't had a chance to do any research, so if you have any info on it - do tell! I know it's a mid-century piece based on the quality of the heavy steel tubular frame, but there is no mark. Still, I love it!
galvanized tub
Okay, i really wanted a trio of the nautical floats, but at $65 a pop, that wasn't gonna happen. I also like the galvanized tub they were placed in; but, once again, not at the price. But a girl can admire!
vintage bird cage
Sorry this isn't a better shot, but this little mid-century bird cage was so adorable. At $45, I hope someone took home a very sweet piece.

And just because they were cute, these sweet vintage linens from the 1950s.
1950s linens
I never knew so much Pyrex existed!

So that was my weekend, shopping at Lakewood. Oh, and there was this little thing called Alt For Everyone hosted by Alt Summit. It was an amazing, peeps! These courses were packed full of informative tidbits. If you're a blogger, I highly recommend you look at the courses offered on their site - it's a truly talented group of ladies that host. Yes, they know their game and aren't afraid to show it! Amazing, for sure.

What were your weekend finds?

 #thanksbing, #thanksalt


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