24 April 2013

Vintage Bathroom DIY - Taking it Back

We've been busy updating a mid-century ranch over the past few months by taking it back to its vintage origins. By taking away layers rather than adding, this remodel is a very budget friendly reno.
bathroom update
This bathroom was updated in the 1980's with wallpaper and custom drapes. While beautiful at the time, it has now become tired and dated. But what to do when there is wallpaper on nearly every surface? My initial choice was to paint over it, since my last three experiences with removing wallpaper involved chunks of drywall coming off with and a major repair job afterwards. Have any of you had the pleasure of that scenario? Let me hear you holla!

Well, I for one, wasn't prepared for another one of those experiences. Instead, I purchased a can of oil based Kiltz and got to work covering the near black wallpaper.
priming wallpaper for paint
As I was busily cutting in the trim, I noticed just how loose the paper was in places. As I worked, it kept nagging me. The devil on my left said "Just pull a little of the paper & see what happens." But the angel on my right said "No, no, no! Remember what happened the last three times!!!"

Who do you think won out?
wallpaper removal
removing vinyl wallpaper
That little red guy on the left, of course!!! Relatively speaking, the paper came off fairly easily. So, feeling a little cocky {& perhaps a bit loopy after inhaling the toxic fumes of Kilz for two hours}, I opted to tear it ALL down!!! Crazy, huh? Oh yeah!
vintage wallpaper pattern
But look at what I was being rewarded with - vintage 60's wallpaper! It was as if the remodeling gods were looking down on my hard and earnest work by giving me what my little heart desired - a meaning to the checkered tile!

Just look at that beautiful vintage wallpaper staring back at me!!! Love!

Okay, okay, the glue from the new wallpaper had distressed the vintage paper's finish; but I was fine with that. The distressing just gave a watery, ethereal look which I actually liked. But, alas, my spirits were taken down several notches as I continued working.  It soon became evident that there were more issues going on than may be considered "vintage patina," such as holes, the distressing wasn't consistent on all of the paper, and there were missing pieces in a few areas.  Sadness in my heart, for sure.
damaged wallpaper
See what I mean? Do you notice the unevenness of the paper's patina, the holes, and the large missing piece over the shower? I'm just in a quandary on what to do. I love that it's original. I love the vintage patina. I love the colors. And I love how the paper ties together the entire bathroom color scheme. Even the checkered tile makes perfect sense now! No paint could ever replicate the cohesiveness this paper has to the room. But it's in relatively poor condition. 

So, I thought that maybe if I dress the room up it will mask the imperfections enough to give it a pass. Let's see...
hollywood regency design
retro bathroom
retro bathroom accessories
vintage wallpaper patternIsn't she so pretty? So Hollywood Regency. I adore her to no end.

So, there you have it all gussied up with a few vintage pieces that are original to the home and its 1950's era. The imperfections are still there, yes. But are they still so apparent that it's impossible to overlook them? Would you leave the vintage paper or paint over it? I just can't decide - or perhaps my heart won't let my head do what it knows it should do...

I definitely need a gently nudge - a friendly hand on the shoulder and someone to say what I really need to hear. My love affair with this wallpaper is big, peeps, and I am seeing life through rose colored glasses. So, come on, give me a reality check & tell me what I need to hear. #lovemesomevintagewallpaper


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  1. I know where you are coming from. I totally get it. But it would also drive me crazy. I'd patch and sparkle it and then cover with Kilz and repaint in a very little blue. sorry, I'm not helping at all am I.


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