10 April 2013

Toys Turned Home Decor

animal figures

I am completely enamored with the stylistic animal figurines popping up in design lately. So modern.
threshold for target
threshold for target
These Danish-style figurines above were spotted at Target. So adorable, and just $7.99 each. What a crazy price for such goodness! But before I could make it there to gather some for my own, I spotted the ones below at a local thrift store for a total of 75 cents. Admittedly, they're just the opposite of adorable but are interesting just the same.
plastic animal figures
So highly detailed and realistic, these aren't the child friendly versions we associate with today's toys. There are no round little bodies or sweet overly-exaggerated faces here. No, these older pieces are stylistically accurate with snarled teeth and ferocious stances. I was drawn to them by the accuracy of their details. Quite captivating, if you aren't a child, and ideal for a bookshelf. 

But these plastic animal figurines were tired and paint-worn. I decided they would be the perfect project for some spray paint.

rust-oleum hammered spray paint
spray painting plastic animal figurines
 Using Rust-oleoum's hammered metal spray paint in gold, I applied two coats of paint. It doesn't claim it will adhere to plastic, but the gentleman at the counter assured me it does as well as several sites I researched online, so I went for it. I didn't exactly get the hammered texture on my pieces - probably because they are so textured anyway - but I'm very happy with the end result. There is just a slight texture to the paint on the smooth surfaces which is exactly what I was after.
collectible animal figurines
farm animal figurines in gold
safari animal figurines
gold animal figurines
As children's toys, these figures might be a bit too graphic for modern tastes. But as a decorative accessory, I love how realistic they are. I can't wait to find the perfect spot for them.

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  1. amazing what a spray can of paint can do! i love them all!


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