03 April 2013

Spring Blossoms in Glass Vases

spring bouquet
Today was the day to begin removing "winter" from the home and bring in some fresh spring.

I started in my favorite spot, the foyer.
holiday decorating
Here is where we were last Christmas with evergreens and antique ironstone mixed with bits of silver. Besides removing the Christmas related items after the holidays, the foyer pretty much stayed in this state throughout the cold months.

It was pretty, but it's definitely time for a change up.

My update included taking away the ironstone and silver and replacing them with glass vases from my growing collection. I love the clear glass for its ability to reflect light and keep a design clean and crisp. It will be my mainstay throughout the spring and summer.
large glass vase
blown glass vase
I found the organic shaped vases at World Market last winter and couldn't pass them up. I used theses two beauties along with a trio of vintage German battery jars. I love antique battery jars and grab them up every time I come across one - which is rare.
pear blossoms
It was such a beautiful day and the trees are in bloom, so I did what I love to do most and opted to use what's blooming outside. Today it was Pear blossoms, along with the interesting little blooms of this chartreuse euphorbia plant.

Placing the arrangements in front of a large mirror multiplies their effect. This vase only has two branches but appears to be much fuller because of the reflection. I love that trick!
japanese clogs
Added to the grouping was a simple pair of Japanese geta shoes brought home by a soldier during the WWII.
spring home decor
Simple, yet so elegant. I think my work is complete!

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  1. Denise at Rusty Heart DesignsApril 3, 2013 at 7:14 PM

    What a pretty spring display.Your foyer looks so fresh and welcoming.I love how the mirror reflects it all.Very pretty!

  2. thanks, denise! it was definitely time to lighten up the space!

  3. Ahhhhh....what a beautifully fresh entry. I really need more mirrors in my house. Thanks!

  4. you are so welcome, Barb, & thanks so much for stopping by!


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