29 April 2013

My Weekend Prize - Retro Foil Wallpaper

You just never know where your next treasure will reveal itself. Oftentimes it's in the most unlikely of places.

This past Friday we came across an animal rescue yard sale. Being that it was late in the day and we had four hours of driving to do, I had every intention of passing it by {which usually delights the hub's to no end}; however, this time he insisted we stop. Completely awed by his extraordinary behavior, I was too shocked to argue. And let's be honest ladies, would you argue with your man if he insisted you stop at a yard sale? I think not.

As I anticipated, there wasn't much left other than a rubble of plastic children's toys, clothing, and the usual holiday decor leftovers. Yet, within an old cardboard box marked "garage" on the outside, I spotted from the corner of my eye something shimmering in the light. The box was old & full of dust, no doubt it was stored for many years. Hmmm, an old box stored in the garage with something shiny inside - always a good sign.

The blackbird syndrome was too great for me to ignore: Must. have. shiny. object.

And here's what I was rewarded with, vintage gold foil wallpaper!!!
vintage wallpaper designs
Oh, baby, baby!!! A fabulously retro roll of 1970's wallpaper. It's glorious, for sure, in it's geometric shapes of golds & coppers. Do you love the vintage design and awesome metallic sheen??? You know you do, so don't hate.

So many possibilities...

I wasn't able to find much info on Mayfair other than the obvious, that it was produced in England. And from the advert I found in The Sydney Mornign Herald advert Sept. 25, 1977, my design fits in with the 1970's time frame.
mayfair foil wallpaper
This is a full unused roll.
gold foil wallpaper
Complete with obselete instructions, that is unless you are papering onto bare plaster or plan to paper in an area with "bare" wires! Oh, those crazy 1970's, with their exposed bare wires and bare plaster...
how to hang wallpaper
No matter the "hazards" of vintage metallic papers, wouldn't this be the bee's knees used on an accent wall or in a small bathroom? Of course, I immediately thought of our mid-century home remodel and my whole dilemma with its bath's wallpaper. But this design is a tad too retro for the Hollywood Regency feel we've got going on there. Sadness, for sure but defnitely inspiring. Maybe there's the chance for wallpaper after all in our "no budget reno," so long as it's at a cost of near nil in the thrift stores.

Totally charged and inspired, I'm scouring every thrift store I can find!

Oh, and lesson learned - when your man says "stop" at a yard sale, do STOP!


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  1. literally you stumbled upon a gold mine! fabulous find! i can totally relate to the blackbird syndrome hahahaha


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