26 April 2013

Frosting on the Cake {Covering a Window}

So were back for some more mid-century home goodness. Thank you all for bringing me back to reality on this bathroom's wallpaper dilemma. Painting is the right thing to do, I know...

So, while I take some time to contemplate paint colors, I decided to take on another small project in the bath: window privacy.

A common problem with a lot of mid-century bathrooms is their lack of space, and our bathroom is no exception. During the era, bathrooms were merely functional spaces and rarely thought of as "rooms" the way they're considered today. So as an attempt to gain a few inches of visual space in ours I lightened up and decluttered.

Here is where we started.
Another one of the major offenders in here was the custom window treatment. It was heavy and took up a lot of visual space. Removing it for something less weighty was a great way to open it up. I first tried a sheer, but it felt too old-fashioned. My next  thought was to install blinds; but that wasn't an ideal solution either.

Luckily, while perusing the local Home Depot for some other remodel supplies, I happened upon the ideal product perfectly suited to a mid-century home. Frosted windows. Yes, frosted windows were very much a part of mid-century home design and perfect for what I'm trying to achieve!

Just to be clear, I wasn't replacing the current windows for new. Rather, I found a product that mimics the effect of a frosted window. Super stoked, I threw a roll in the cart and headed home.
The product is a window film called "Light Effects." They offer several lovely patterns to choose from. I chose "Texture 12 which is a classic mid-century window feature."

The instructions are easy. Clean your window, measure the pane, then cut your film to size. Next, spray the window with water, remove the backing from your film, and apply the film directly to the window. Once applied, wet the textured side of the film and use the enclosed squeegee to remove the air bubbles. After the bubbles are removed, trim away any excess with an Exacto knife. So easy! I was finished in less than an hour.

Here the lower pane has been treated and the upper pane has not. You can see what a dramatic difference it makes.
Don't you love how it provides privacy without taking up additional visual space?

And here's the end result with both panes completed:
Full privacy, yet it still lets in plenty of much needed light. Perfect for those small, dark spaces.  I absolutely love the end result and how easy it was to apply. And it truly looks like the real deal.

Let's take one more look at this room before and after:
It's been about a month since I placed the film. I was afraid it would begin to pull away from the window over time, but so far it has held up as well as the day it was installed.

There are so many little decisions to be made when remodeling just one room. It's nice to have a product that performs so well so easily. I love me an easy solution!

{just so we're clear, this was not a paid advert. This is just an awesome product that I really enjoyed using & thought you might enjoy trying as well!}


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