19 April 2013

Dreaming of Chickens {And Taking Back the Yard}

Not so long ago we actually grew a decent vegetable garden. 
growing a vegetable garden
My flower beds were weed-free.flower gardenWe nurtured a lovely brood of chickens in our backyard. 
cochin chicken
And our home was well maintained. 

Idyllic? Yes. Easy? Not so much. Life got in the way and we lost focus. Just how we lost focus, I'm not exactly sure except that our lives got busy and we were unconsciously pulled away. Isn't that usually how it goes? One morning you wake up to find yourself in a place where you don't like being. You ask yourself how you got there and realize that you simply took on too much.

That was us. We became the very things we were trying to avoid, and as a result our home and our property fell into a sad, neglected state. The vegetable garden became overgrown, the chicken coop sits empty, and our home is in dire need of attention. I'm not proud of how we let things go. Trust me when I say it drives me crazy to see all the little details that have been neglected. When we were busy, it was so easy to ignore. But now that we're home 24/7, we are forced to face that which we were ignoring. Yes, as I was busy selling beautiful things for other people's beautiful homes, my own home was completely ignored.

Want to see some ugly?
signs of termite damage
Yes. That's what you think it is.
weedy garden
No. Those are not lush ground covers.
peeling paint texture
Patina or just plain gross? I'll let you make the call.

And this is only a small example of what's at hand here. {I didn't want to shock you.} Truth be told, it's like a bad nightmare everywhere I look. So many large projects - each one time consuming and costly. It was so much easier to pretend they didn't exist. But, like all things, they must eventually be dealt with. And I'm ready to face the reality of the years of neglect like a big girl, with my big britches on. 

I've made a list of the items that need attention in order of priority and we are going to tackle the monster. 
visual to do list
At the top of the list is this:
dead maple tree
And that's happening this weekend. Woot!!! We have three very dead trees that will be removed, and I can't wait! I feel the weight already starting to lighten!

Say a little prayer for good weather & strong backs, 'cause ya'll know we're gonna need it! Amen...



  1. It happens so quickly. We try to keep up with fixes, but they still get ahead of us. We painted all the trim around the house a couple years ago and then the squirrels started chewing on it again. Now we need to fix and paint again. Darn squirrels. Why can't they just stay in the trees? We have some more rotten wood to replace, too. Now, if I can just get the man to see the house needs some work again.

  2. ugggh! the squirrels - darned critters! this year we have a woodpecker that has decided he needs to peck on the metal chimney insert at 7 a.m. each morning. talk about a jolt in the morning!


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