08 April 2013

Decorating with Mirrors

I adore decorating with mirrors.

antique french mirrors

They're the perfect wall art - non-committal, able to blend seamlessly into their environment, and capable of enhancing any room they are a part of. Now I ask, what other piece of art can do all that?

It all started innocently with just one.

antique pier mirror

An antique mirror I inherited from my grandmother. Then I found a second one last year and was thrilled to have a pair.

antique gilded mirror

Next came the lovely gilded pier mirror above.

Then another gilded beauty, reflecting my love for gold {pun intended}.

And last came the oval mirror on the far left. My latest acquisition.

She is beautiful on her own; but looked rather lonely hanging singly upon the wall. So I rounded up a few friends for her to hang out with.

papier mache mirror

A set of Victorian papier mache' hand mirrors I've had stashed away.

hand mirrors as wall decor

Even better when they're turned forward to reflect the light.

antique hand mirrors
It's an evolving display but one that I am happy to see expand.

For reasons I don't understand, mirrors are often found in antiques shops and flea markets at considerably undervalued prices. I enjoy taking full advantage of that. The artistry that came with the making of these mirrors is reason in itself to appreciate their beauty; but beyond that, there is no other piece of wall art that can bring in much needed light or add much needed depth to a room than a mirror. 

If you're looking for a great way to decorate a wall, consider your options in mirrors. I promise, you won't be disappointed with your end result! And if you're up for a fun diy mirror project, check out my tutorial Repurposed Decorative Mirrors and create some awesome of your very own!



  1. great post! i love what you said about these beauties: non-committal and they blend so nicely with everything in the room. love your "collection" :) will keep an eye on mirrors from now on :)

  2. Sarah, love your display and your collection...I'm convinced, it's mirrors...tho I think I'll have to add smoke to complete my look...yep, smoke and mirrors for me to get it done. ;{)

  3. ha! clever girl!!! no longer the little sprout i once was, a little smoke in the mirror is a good thing!


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