22 March 2013

Vintage Finds

A couple of weeks ago I listed some vanity sets into the Etsy shop. As I did, I kept thinking there were more items to these vintage sets but wasn't finding them. Today I unearthed the remaining pieces all done up in their 1960's Hollywood Regency glam. The mirror and perfume bottle are additional pieces that go to the Stylebuilt "Tea Rose" set in 24k gold plate. So pretty! The perfume bottle is a rare find.
vintage vanity set
These remaining pieces of the vanity sets will be listed next week, so be on the lookout.

So, after two weeks of working nonstop on the remodel of the estate house we're prepping for resale, I finally took a day for myself. With all my hard work, I could have justified a nice spa day but chose to go antiquing instead. I know no one's surprised by that! The effect is just as rewarding and beneficial ;)

And I came across lots of good vintage.
bird figurine
I've been picking up a lot of animal figures lately, particularly chalkware. This beautiful little parakeet looks like chalkware but is actually bisque. I couldn't resist his soft coloring and his gently worn patina.
noritake dinnerware
And then there was this! 

I'm not typically into retro dinnerware, but this set of Noritake had me at hello... as in "Hello, good lookin" {insert whistles and leering eyes}! Wowza, you're one hot cookie! 

Yes, I cat-called in my mind as I did a 360 past the glassware to get a second look. 

If your pallet is earth tones, you will love this set. The six dinner plates and four bread & butters are to die for! This pattern is called "Safari" which confuses me because it has more of an oriental appeal to it in my opinion; but no matter! It was made from 1972-82 and is very well executed. A new {Home-ology} favorite!

Usually when I see this style dinnerware I think of those sets that could be had as a perk for shopping at your local grocer. You would receive points for purchasing a certain amount. As the points accumulated, you were able to purchase your set of china. One of our neighbors was an avid fan of this gimmick. It all seemed so cheesy to me in my wise tweenage years. But these puppies are another story - these have a great 1970's vibe without the cheese!

There were quite a few more finds today, such as an awesome set of  mid century barware, some rustic garden goodness that includes a large concrete frog, some beautiful art pottery, and my fav. - the Italian decanter in amber glass. Unfortunately I'm just too exhausted to unload one more beautiful thing. Seriously, right now, I'm crashing faster than a 727 and am headed for the nearest bed. Nighty night & happy weekend thrifting!



  1. ah oh...I have Safari plates under my houseplant pots. :/

  2. girl, you're in trouble! ok, you can save yourself now by sending them all to me... ;)


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