08 March 2013

Pyrex New Dots Bowl Set - Found in the Wild

Oh, what a good end to the week I've had, my peeps! I was actually able to afford purchase a set of three "New Dots" Pyrex bowls today, and it literally made my week! I love it when a little thing has such a big impact :)

I've been intrigued by the Pyrex craze that's been happening in the world of collecting lately. Pyrex. Who knew? I particularly enjoy the older pieces.  All the beautifully bright colors of pink, turquoise, yellow, & green - it just makes a person smile, no matter how you're feeling at the moment.

My first dip into the Pyrex collection were the refrigerator sets.  It was an attempt to eliminate plastic tubs from my arsenal of storage containers. But they were for everyday use, not display, and that was the problem. I found them to be too heavy. They weren't leak-proof. And storing them wasn't as simple as stacking them up like you would your plastic containers. Then, to top it off, each piece had to be hand washed in order to preserve the colors. It just wasn't practical for everyday use, so I eventually sold my collection and called myself a failure for not giving up the plastic.

Then I met Pyrex's "New Dots" bowl collection from the 1960's and my infatuation with Pyrex began all over again.  Oh how happy those little dotted bowls made me when I saw them sitting so pretty upon the shelf. I wanted them and reasoned that I would safely store them and only use them on special occasions.

With my purchase completely justified, I was willing to fork out a bit of cash just to have those cheery little dots greet me when I opened up my cabinet door. But I nearly fell to the floor when I saw the price for three. $120 for a set of nesting bowls! Really??? Needless to say, I passed them up and have been in search of a "bargain find" ever since.

And today was my day!!!
vintage pyrex mixing bowls
Just look at those sweet puppies! My first set of New Dots bowls.
pyrex mixing bowls
Three of them in a beautiful shade of orange. I love orange!
pyrex glass bowls
In near perfect condition,
vintage pyrex mixing bowls
other than light wear from being nested within each other.
pyrex dotted bowl
I'm thrilled to have found these little guys! What a great end to the week...

How about you? What has been your most memorable find?


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