04 March 2013

Mid Century Wall Art - Curtis Jere

This is one of the rooms in our basement. It's a room we always planned to make into a bar area but never got around to installing the actual bar. Now, ten years later, it's just a room that takes you from the game room to the bedroom - a room with no real purpose. 

I've been feeling a little guilty lately for having neglected it for so long. I've decided it's high time we glam it up a bit. 

Since it's just behind the game room, it's still a great place for a lounge area. I'm thinking a couple of comfy chairs to kick back in, a nice bar setup, and some great books lined up against the wall will do the trick nicely. A place to hang out while the kids play pool & shoot darts.

Yep, that's my kind of spot - a quiet oasis in the middle of chaos.
mid century modern sideboard by drexel
And since I'm working on transitioning the house to a more modern design, this room is a perfect starting point for some mid century. The Drexel "Declaration" sideboard is a good choice. It's tradtitional, but its legs and its straight lines suggest a bit of modern. The yellow lamps are just an idea for now {along with the sparse three candle thing I got going there}. I do like the look of the lamps; but in the end, I just may have to take the lighting a little further towards mid century.

But, I want you to look past the lamps {be careful as your eyes move to the wall}... Did you feel it? "POW" right in the face
curtis jere sunburst wall sculpture
I've got mid century happenin' on the wall!!! Oh yeah!

This piece of metalwork is by Curtis Jere. I believe it's titled "Birds Over the Sun," {although there are a lot of other names out there}. I own two of these sculptures. {One is for sale at the Queen. See, I like to share the good stuff with my peeps!} They were purchased separately, but each one has the exact same bird missing from the left hand side. That poor bird must be situated just right so that he's the first to be caught by anything and everything. Still, I don't mind that there are only nine geese rather than ten. The symmetry still appears intact overall, and I don't seem to miss it.
curtis jere sunburst wall art
wall sculpture
What do you think about metal sculptures? I remember not so long ago how I turned my nose at pieces like this. And now, well, I can't seem to get enough of them! Funny how our tastes change over time.

Yes, I've been drawn in by many of the wall sculptures that were so prevalent during the period. I've come to appreciate the handwork and details. Quality craftmanship, yet minimal and uncluttered.
mid century sculpture
It's a nice change from the formal art and walls of plates that I've done for years & years {& years}.
curtis jere metal wall art
And I love how playful they are.

When the light hits this piece, the shadows just seem to play all over the wall.

The room is just beginning to come together, but I like where I'm going with it. I'm just hopeful it won't take another ten years to get it done! No promises. This girl works on her own time schedule!

Oh, and speaking of sideboards, our beautiful Stanley sideboard found a new home yesterday.
Such a handsome gent. I send you off knowing you are in good hands and will be well loved. ;)
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  1. I used to feel the same way about metal wall sculptures. I hated them along with macrame plant hangers. But lately the painting over my Mid-Century cabinet in the kitchen just didn't feel right. Then I found this wall hanging made of straight metal pieces joined together to form trees. It's just what I needed and I love it. Who knew! LOL! (love your Birds over the Sun!)

  2. I love your wall sculpture ~ rarely go wrong with Jere!

  3. shara, thanks so much! i love it, too. it has become a new obsession of mine ;)

  4. oooh, cynthia! sounds beautifully intriguing - would love to see it!


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