06 March 2013

Found Artifacts of 1960's Hollywood Regency

Much of the modern design we're seeing today is a return of Hollywood Regency, although many don't use that name to define their particular style. I more often hear it as a form of modern - contemporary modern, traditional modern, eclectically modern, etc.

But it all fits into the category of Hollywood Regency - a style with universal appeal and an ability to mix a multitude of elements into one big modern, glamorously sexy, over-the-top design. First popular in the 1930's, it rose to fashion again in the 60's as people rebelled against the minimal requirements of mid-century modern. I always say it was created for those who love "modern" but can't bare the "minimal." 

If you are looking to define it, think brightly colored walls, furniture of all periods, shiny reflective surfaces, porcelain, and gold accessories - lots of gold - all done in an over-the-top and glamorous fashion.

This past week I was happy to clear out an estate that had some beautiful examples. All are listed in the Etsy shop should you desire to own some Hollywood Regency of your very own.
gold bird
Can I just say again how happy I am to see gold back in vogue? I tolerated the platinum/chrome trend, but my heart has always been golden ;)
1960 soroco label
Love me some gold peacocks!!!
makeup vanity set
metal trash can with liner
Detailed down to the 'nth degree - a sure sign of Hollywood Regency.
ash tray set
Even the match tips are gold...
white owl
And a bit of white porcelain to keep it clean.

Hollywood Regency is a design that requires few rules. And when you see it, you know it! I love it when it's mixed with some neoclassic, a little Asian, a dash of tacky, and a whole lot of glam! That's when it's at its best.


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