03 March 2013

Finding Paul McCobb and Other Vintage Treats

Last week I took a little outing. And outings always include some vintage hunting. ;)

I came home with a few odds and ends; but this trip ended up being more about learning rather than buying when I actually got to touch a couple of "master" pieces. Finding a famous maker's piece and getting to see it up close & personal is an invaluable learning experience and a real treat.

I actually brought a collector's piece home with me once - not intentionally, but it happened all the same. My Milo Baughman bench is a piece I prize.
Above is the Paul McCobb dinnette set I came across, all used & raw & in real life. 

Now, while I do appreciate a time worn patina as much as the next vintage girl, this set hadn't even been dusted before being put out for sale. I really wanted to rescue this collection from its current state and give it some respect. It looked so exposed, just thrown in an empty booth with nothing done to freshen him up before being on display. It was a shameful act of disregard for a classic mid century collection.

Below is a beautiful dining set in pristine condition and showing the beauty of the lines. See just how pretty that set could be? 

All that said, I was still happy to have met a Paul McCobb - no matter his condition. Just getting to feel the finish and weight of an original just makes me a little giddy. I know, I'm a nerd.

Next up, was a find I am still lusting after and want to make my own. It would be so cool in our basement where I'm currently working on a "lounge" feel in one of the rooms. A piece like this needs to be in there to keep the "lower class" vintage pieces in line.
It's a 1950's Blaupunkt "Rio" stereo console. The high gloss finish had me, and those classic lines. To die.

 Unfortunately, the original record player is missing, but the AM/FM works. And OMG, the sound of the speakers is amazing. Blaupunkt is still in business and is an exceptional maker - I can see why. Besides being the handsome gent he is, this stereo can blast a tune. Want, want, want...

But it is a tube radio, so I know it won't last forever and won't be easy to find replacements. So practical me wins out this time {but impractical me just wants it for the beautiful case, no matter}.
I didn't see a maker on this piece, but it's definitely quality and has its original olive green upholstery. So pretty.

And just because my taste runs amuck {and you know it does}, I give you this
A sea sponge vase!!!

Are yard sales beginning to pick up in your areas? I saw two this weekend, which, like the bluebirds building their nests, is a true sign than spring is just around the corner.

I made a vow that I'm going to be better about hitting the yard sales this year - but it's just so damn hard to get up at 6 am and put my game face on. ugggh.


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