27 March 2013

Easter Decorating with Spring Flowers

After being away for two weeks, it was a pleasant surprise to come home to a burst of spring blooms in my garden. Despite the fact that it has been blowing snow for two days, a Southern rarity this time of year, I only need to look outside to remind myself that warmer days aren't far ahead.
early spring flowers
I love the early spring flowers - their small blossoms, their soft colors, and the sweet, sweet scents that many of the heirloom varieties have. They're a treat to the senses wrapped up in a tiny little package.

Another one of life's greatest pleasures is getting to enjoy these little beauties indoors scattered throughout the house. But not just any vase will do for these petite fleurs. Their demure size requires an appropriate vessel in order to show them off in their best light. This is the perfect opportunity to bring your cherished collection of small vintage pieces out of the closet and put them to real use. When filled to the brim with spring blossoms, your vintage pieces will make a powerful statement. I also enjoy creating small vignettes with them. By gathering your arrangements in a cohesive fashion, the collection as a whole becomes one big eye catcher. 
decorating for easter
Hyacinths, helebores, jonquils, & snowdrops are all perfect choices for small arrangements and are particularly beautiful when combined with green mosses and speckled eggs collected from nature.
egg crafts
If you have a special collection of bits and pieces that rarely see the light of day, now's your chance to enjoy them. This trio of eggs was found among my mother's collection of craft goods when we were cleaning out her estate. She was an avid artist and crafter who did everything to perfection. 

These soft brown eggs were each intricately decorated with strands polymer clay and arranged as if to mimic lace. I'm sure she had plans to create little Easter scenes in the interiors of each one but just never had the chance to complete the project. It's sometimes hard to see her unfinished pieces - I suppose it brings to light just how fragile life really is for us all. But spring is about life, and what's more appropriate for new beginnings than the humble egg.  And these are so beautiful, even in their unfinished state, that there's no real need for further embellishment. I love them just they way they are.
demitasse cup
In this little vignette, I borrowed a cup from my demitasse set to create an arrangement. The simplicity of the white Limoges calls for just a simple arrangement. A collection of pink and white candy stripe hyacinths nestled it into a papier mache nest is all that's required. The scent of this variety is unbelievably impressive considering its size!

And when using small vessels as floral vases, I find it's more impactful to place them in groupings. Be it a trio of unique vases or a pleasing arrangement of like items, odd numbers are best. Another great trick is to place the collection upon a pedestal as a way of truly raising the bar.

This Easter, pull a few spring blossoms from your garden and create a natural vignette using found pieces from your vintage collections. These little groupings will make as much of a statement as any large arrangement and are truly one of a kind. 

It just proves that big things come in small packages!


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