13 March 2013

Chinese Fans

Clearing out this most recent estate has been a treat. I'm constantly coming across things I remember from my youth in the 70's. I didn't realize how much fun I was having back then until now!

This sweet couple built their home in the 1950's and remained there all their days. As you might imagine, the estate is definitely transitional, and you can see where the couple started housekeeping in the 50's as you follow the progression of their life together throughout the decades. It would have been awesome to have found a time capsule of the 1950's; however, that wasn't the case. Those are so rare. I mean, how many of us can live in one place without change as the world changes around us? Very few, and this couple was no exception.

Once the contents of the home are cleared completely and it's time to focus on getting the house ready for market, we'll turn our attentions to the arduous task of updating a home that was built specifically for this pair. Never was there a consideration for resale as they made changes to the home. Once we get to that, you'll see exactly what I mean!

But until then, I give you more of the fun stuff!
chinese fan
Today I was going through a box of this & that and came across this sweet collection. It's a collection of beautiful oriental paper fans that were purchased when the World's Fair came to Knoxville in 1982. It supposedly was a collection depicting specific regions of China.
oriental paper fan
oriental fan
Each one unique.
oriental hand fanI love the vivid colors and how the artist created movement within his work.
paper fan
Wouldn't a collection of these be an ethereal piece of wall art in a bedroom? Imagine what a striking wall of color that would create. Yum!
hand fan
This green one is actually handpainted on silk with bamboo ribs. I love how the light shines through to show the painted work.
hawaiian fan
And, lastly, I give you Hawaii on a fan! By far my personal favorite solely for it's kitschy-ness!

Can you say, kawaii? Okay, now can you define kawaii?



  1. oh i had one of these fans when i was younger and studying in a chinese school :) takes me back. love the pristine conditions of these fans especially, yes, Hawaii

  2. i want to be clever and say something in chinese, but... ;)


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