18 March 2013

Abraham Lincoln as Pop Art

Another find from the current estate I've been clearing out is this paperweight created in the likeness of Abraham Lincoln. I was instantly drawn to it for the cult factor - the Honest Abe cult. You didn't know there was one? Oh, yes...

abraham lincoln
No president is more universally loved and more instantly recognizable than Honest Abe. Going back to Victorian times {his image is ever-present during this time period} all the way to today, his face is seen on the penny, the dollar bill, and oftentimes, in our living rooms.
With such a strong profile, it's no wonder his iconic presence has endured in our homes for so long. And never has he been so popular as he is today. 

Let's take a look.
jay jeffers print at one kings lane
justin rothshank via artful home

urban expressions via etsy
abraham lincoln bust

As much as I am drawn to Abe, I think I just may prefer his likeness on a paperweight rather than as artwork on my wall.


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  1. ok, I gotta say, that is a REALLY cool find! I bet A LOT of people will want that! love the black and the chippy-ness of it! Very Industrial.


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