22 February 2013

Scandinavian Furniture - A Side Chair

Look what I found in Tennessee!
danish modern side chair found in tennessee
You never know where a treasure will pop up...
painted danish modern side chair
This little guy was stuck high up on a wall in an old antiques barn full of primitives, just hanging all by his lonesome with only the company of his cobwebs.

I'm in love with his modern angles and lines, how he swoops and sways in just the right places. Perfectly balanced and understated.
maker's stamp on danish modern chair
It was karma that brought him to me, I'm convinced.
He's not perfect. He's had his share of neglect. But he's a beautiful find.

He was just hanging there, looking cool and suave and not really caring if I noticed him or not.
danish modern side chair
Oh, but I saw you, little chair, and now you are mine.

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  1. He's probably my chair that I set out on the curb and was gone in moments, years ago when I was young and stupid.
    Glad he has a good home where he's appreciated.

  2. oh, the naivety of youth!!! i wish i had a set of these chairs 'cause he's just that sweeeet!

    and i feel your pain, sista! i had a great aunt who owned and antiques store. when she moved to a retirement home, she sent me many of her pieces. not knowing better, much of it was sold at a yard sale. i cringe when i think of the things i gave away.

  3. loooove your chair!!! angie from germany


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