20 February 2013

On the Hunt for Scandinavian Furniture: Farmhouse Table

This is my living room.

Yes, I am painfully aware that my photography isn't up to the standards of the pro's, but my home is very difficult to photograph, trust me. Although I am 100% a neutral girl at heart, it really isn't as washed out as it appears here. I promise, there's plenty of color happenin'.
eclectic home interior using antiques and modern pieces
If you can move past the horribly washed out photo, you notice an eclectic mix of early Victorian, French Country, Hollywood Regency, and modern furniture. Yep, it's definitely an acquired collection.

But I'm ready to mix it up just a bit more than it already is.

Dare I? I think yes!

I've been transitioning more and more towards a rustic Scandinavian design while trying to keep the key pieces already in place. I appreciate the casual feel of the rustic and the beautiful whites of the Scandinavian - something I think my home is in need of. Currently, it leans a bit too far on the side of formal and I think a painted piece or two will soften the interior.

I've decided the first place to start is with our dining table. The dining room {& the table} is viewed from all angles of the main living area, so it's definitely the key element to the entire design. All other elements will either blend or clash depending on what I choose, so it has to be just right.
mid century danish modern dining room
Recently, the dining room was looking like this {another washed out photo via my iphone}
I loved the mid century dining table, and it was the perfect size for our large gatherings. It was perfect in every way, just not perfect for my space.  So out it went, and now we are living with this, a barren wasteland. But, such is the life of a dealer. Things come in, things go out, and not necessarily in any consistent order.

I have a feeling we'll be living in this void space for a while. That is until I find

The Perfect Farm Table
My search has started online, looking for a "new" table that fits my vision.

An x-base table I adore. There is just something so sexy about an X. Don't know what it is, but I like!!! This table is from Ethan Allen. My newer pieces of furniture were purchased from Ethan Allen a few years ago. Priced at $1799.10, not so bad for a mass produced piece {gotta love that additional 10 cents they added in to the price!} But I'm not totally sold on it.
Especially after finding this beauty. I truly do have a crush on this Restoration Hardware piece. Reclaimed wood and salvaged farm tools make up this delightful piece. But at $3495, I think I need to continue the search.
And here is where my heart skips a beat. This is what I'm swooning for. An old crusty painted table - unpretentious and unrefined, worn and well used. With a little tlc and a few coats of poly, a piece like this could work quite nicely.

My table won't be found at any retail store. No. It will most likely be plucked from a picker or an old antiques shop hidden on some country road. Or, perhaps, I'll find it at an obscure vintage market somewhere on our travels. No matter where or when I find it, it will most definitely be a long and arduous search, I'm certain of that.

But isn't that what makes it special?

And to it I want an eclectic mix of these
danish modern dinner chair by stanley
and maybe this?
But for sure, some of these

And perhaps one of these.

Can you see where I'm going, or does it just look like it's going to be one hot mess? I see it being a beautiful blend of rustic contrasting with the formality of the European pieces and the straight lines of the modern.

Do you think it will work? I'd love to hear your opinions and advice.

Once it's all done, we'll revisit the scene. Just don't expect it anytime soon as I have a feeling it may take a while. Oh, and if you know of a beautiful table similar to the one I am swooning over, do tell!!!



  1. oh boy.... i love that outdoor farmhouse table! I have dreams about tables like that!
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    Have a lovely day!

  2. Oh Sarah, That chippy farm table makes me swoon too!! Good luck in your search!! Love the idea of a bench mixed in with the chairs. I would also love a couple of casual slipcovered parsons chairs with my perfect farm table!

  3. I love mixing styles! Any of those tables would look amazing with any of those chairs. Of course I love the Danish chairs - but those ghost chairs are fabulous too. I think we need 20 dining rooms so we can do one of everything!

    And love your plate wall I spy!

    1. i'm with ya, sista! i've always said i need a rustic cabin, a farm house, a city house, & a beach home just so i can decorate them all. oh, heaven must have something like that waiting for all us nesters - please say it's so!


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