25 February 2013

Mid Century Lovin' - Danish Modern Chairs

Remember the Danish modern chairs I showed in last week's post?
vintage mid century furniture and accessories
Well, I found some before pic's from my phone of which I had completely forgotten about. A nice perk to the iPhone is that the iCloud downloads your pictures to your computer automatically. I love that feature. But sometimes I forget I've taken pictures until I manually go through my albums. These were some of those that got lost in the vortex.
danish modern chairs with original green upholstery
See, there really is a pair of them - I wouldn't lie!

I knew they came from an old Florida estate based on what I was told, but that fact was more than evident even without her little tidbit of info. White sand kept falling out of them onto the table as I was working.

They must have been stored in an outbuilding for some time. Much vacuuming was done and then a good cleaning.
danish modern chair before restoring
Here's a look at their sweet profile.

Don't they look as if they're in a line-up at the local PD? All that's needed is a glaring light hanging from a black cord.
I'm innocent, I swear! I wasn't anywhere the beach. Sand? What sand? Oh, the sand in my seat? Well, yes. It was, uh, well, it was the little boy. Yeah. That's it! The little boy and his bucket of sand - he poured sand all over my lovely fabric! I was a real hot mess! 
No? Okay, okay! I did it. I frolicked in the sand. There, you happy? I frolicked. I frolicked and I liked it!
danish modern chair before restoring
Did I go too far?
Anyway, these before shots really show the dry wood.
danish modern chair before restoring
But I want you to look beyond the ugly and see the potential. See their beautiful form? Now that makes them something worth salvaging. Solid teak and original upholstery.
danish modern chair with original green upholstery
After a good cleaning and reconditioning, they look totally room worthy.

Are they perfect? No - they do show their years. But they're so very attractive and definitely worth reviving. And pairs are a rare treat. {$65 each or $115/pair.}



  1. I just recently started swooning over mid century furniture. I could kick myself that I didn't take my MIL's dining room set when we cleaned out her estate. At the time I thought it was ugly, but now I miss it. Your green chairs are amazing. Even with the dry wood (which should come back to life pretty easily) they are fun.

  2. Those chairs would look so awesome in our little library space. Love the lines and the green. Very sweet, indeed.


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