13 February 2013

Found Goodness - Vintage Finds at the Queen

I get on binges with painting furniture - it's an all or nothing deal. I'll be happily painting like a mad woman until, all of the sudden & without notice, I immediately lose all interest. That's it & I'm done.

Then those poor remaining pieces have to sit patiently until I get the motivation to start again. It's a vicious cycle, indeed.
painted cabinet
Although it's too cold right now, looking at this piece I painted a while back is putting me in the mood again. I'll be ready by the time the weather warms up, for sure.

This little piece is an English style stereo cabinet from the 50's. It has great appeal and is a great size if you're in need of something for a smaller space. The back is perforated so that the music could resonate from within. Today it's the perfect little media center.

silver plate collection via homeologymodernvintage.com
Love me some silverplate, especially in the cold months - anything to reflect light on a dark day.
bronzed baby shoes
Sweetie pies! These bronzed baby shoes sold the day after I brought them in. Don't you love the lace detail?
vintage chalkware lion
As did this handsome gentleman, roaaarrr.

We're headed to the Queen today to refill the mid-century pieces that were featured in their front booth. All our furniture has been sold. Yay for the goodness!

The hunt for more ensues ;)


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  1. Those baby shoes. Something about them just gets me. I don't know if anyone bronzes baby shoes anymore. When I was growing up, my grandma had bookends made from my dad and uncle's baby shoes, and I always thought they were so cool and that I would do that with my babies' shoes someday--but I haven't. :-)


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