08 February 2013

Featured Finds

Our retailer, The Queen of Hearts is featuring mid century this month. Yay for the awesomeness!
They used quite a few of our pieces in their display, and the ladies did a fantastic job - just enough kitsch  to soften the modern side. Love it!

Staying with the modern, here are a few new additions to our mid century booth on Meeting Street.

I purchased a few art pieces on this trip, which is a rarity for me. Art is such a personal purchase, unlike a wall sculpture or piece of pottery, that I usually pass it by allowing the right person to take it home. But these really captured my attention.
oriental print in pen & ink of owl
This first piece is a beautiful oriental pen & ink print. I love the subject and the monochromatic colors. The frame is typical mid century in its natural wood tone and bamboo design; however, if it became mine, I just might have to paint it. I don't know, I'm torn on that. What do you think? Would you paint it or leave it?
black & white print by ansel adams
An Ansel Adams, also in black & white. Always a modern classic.
giclee print of los angeles by clipper by kerne anderson
Okay, if you're looking for a color pop, go with this Kerne Erickson from his classic collection of vintage post cards. To die for! Kern Erickson's work is highly prized. A single poster print sells for $199. This piece of art is the larger size poster under double matting and is professionally framed. Very nice!
mid century kitchen cabinet and pair of orange lamps
Lastly, remember the pair of lamps in Monday's post? Yes you do. Well, here they are in all their glory. 

And they are a pair! A pair of vintage lamps is so rare for me to find, I was actually giddy when I spotted them. As if that wasn't enough, they still have their original shades!  Yay for people who live in time capsules - I love you! Man, I just want to lick them like a lollipop. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Sarah,
    Wonderful prints and those lamps are soooo AWESOME (great color).


    1. awww, thanks linda! don't you love that retro orange? so fun!

  2. Wow! Cool score on that poster!
    I'm lusting after those circular nesting tables.
    I just dragged home a mod cabinet that has the drawer fronts painted a puke pink color and drawer pulls from something French Provincial. It's hideous. I got it for $25 and I'm beyond thrilled.
    I can just see it a perfect shade of white with some cool mod hardware.

    1. gotta love the potential, right? you gotta promise me some pic's of the finished product!

  3. Congrats on the mcm display. It looks amazing!

    1. thanks, remnant! of course, if i had staged it, it would have been done a little different. but the lovely ladies rocked their best interpretation of mid century & did a pretty darned good job!


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