21 January 2013

The Modern Lifestyle

You might have noticed that my posts here have become a little less frequent lately.  It wasn't intentional - I love sharing my world of vintage with you all - but I find that there is only so much vintage to discuss on a daily basis without becoming repetitive.

I could share the content of other sites, which many blogs do.  But that just isn't a good option for me.  I have always strived to be 100% original in my content.  So when it came to making a choice of blogging more frequently & sharing other's content or blogging less frequently and staying true, I chose the latter.  I gave it much thought, and in the end felt strongly that you would all appreciate my decision and encourage me to do what I felt in my heart was right.

With that decision made, I've decided to utilize {Home-ology}'s blog mainly to highlight new inventory for the business.  It will continue to be a place to see my new creations & awesome finds, as well as random musings.  I will just post less frequently - 1-2 times per week.  So don't despair vintage ones - nothing will change other than the frequency in which I post!

So where will I be if I'm not at {Home-ology}?  I'll be hanging out at the new blog, themodern-lifestyle.com, and you're all invited to join!  It's a project I've been busy working on for the past month and one that I'm very excited to finally share with you all.  It's very dear to my heart.

Although just in its infancy, The Modern Lifestyle is a forum where we will delve into many topics, all of which relate to becoming mid-century {in age} while trying to stay modern in this oh-so complex world we live in.  It's a documentary of my journey into the brave new world of mid-life - the good, the bad, & the ugly - while I explore my options on aging gracefully, living simply, & staying healthy while keeping up with the latest trends in home, health, & family.

But it isn't intended to be just my personal journey.  It's intended to be a journey that we all participate in.

So please join me.  The camaraderie will be greatly appreciated.   Join in the journey and share your thoughts on whatever topics you feel like discussing in the comments.  It's an open forum for all of us to grow & learn.

Jump over, follow, and join me on this crazy ride!


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