25 January 2013

Inventory at the Queen

For those of you following along, you may remember that my last attempt to do a buying trip landed us with one day of shopping and two days in the hospital thanks to some ugly flu related issues.

Needless to say, my booths are bare bones right now and in dire need of new stock!  So, next week we are going to once again attempt to bring "awesome" back into the booths!

Until then, I did manage to find a little selection of old inventory while shopping my storage unit yesterday.  Yay for old stuff hidden in the back of the storage unit!!!

Wish us luck!!!



  1. Well, it might be bare bones but I see several items that I love!
    I can't hardly wait to see what else you will discover!

    1. thanks, cynthia!!! hopefully this will be a more productive trip than the last ;)


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