07 January 2013

Dorothy Thorpe Cocktail Set & our Road Trip Buzz Kill

Okay folks, my last post promised you a great vicarious adventure as we headed out on a three day buying trip.  After the holidays, my inventory is all but depleted and in much need of restocking.  And, after many weeks of holiday & family, I was so excited to focus back on the business side of life.  I promised you lots of pics and good things to come.  

Sadly I failed on both counts.  Our road trip was quickly halted when the hub's encountered bad reaction to his flu med's which resulted in a two day hospital stay while out of town {yuck}.  As soon as he was released, we couldn't get home fast enough - sometimes there's just no place like home!  But I must say that as fearful as we were about going to a small town hospital in a life & death situation, we couldn't have been happier with the hospital & staff.  They did a wonderful job and hub's is on his way to a full recovery.

Anyway, I did manage to fit in one day of thrifting before all he-- broke loose.  It was a productive day of smalls.  One of my fav's was an individual mid-century cocktail set by the famous Dorothy Thorpe with a pair of roly poly glasses.  {In love!}

This is what my awesome set looked like when I got it home
Beautiful with no wear.  But the silver band is tarnished, yes?  Always wanting to sell my inventory in the best possible condition, I decide to polish the silver band.
This is the result...  It ate away the band.

Okay, okay I got it now.  I need to just stop what I'm doing for a few days & compose myself for better things to come.  They say bad things come in threes, & this fail is #3 after you count the fact that yesterday morning before heading home I sliced my finger open.  It needed stitches; but after just returning from the two day hospital stay, there was no way I was going back again!!!  I managed to mend it myself and have decided to live with the result.  {I have a background in the health sciences & just enough knowledge to make me dangerous}

So back to my fail...  I have never used tarnex before.  Have any of you?  What's your opinion of it?  In this situation, I decided it was a good option since I did not want to use a harsh abrasive on the thin layer of silver.  Apparently that wasn't a good idea at all!

What was a perfect condition, very collectible set of Dorothy Thorpe glassware is now flawed due to a novice error.

Live & learn.

I am determined to have all sorts of "happy" come my way after today.  I think I deserve it.


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  1. Don't feel bad. I had a similar thing happen with the same glasses... the thrift store had taped everything together & I pulled the silver plate off when trying to get the tape off. I ended up soaking the rest of the glasses in Goo Gone and it dissolved the tape on the rest of them, but I had already ruined two. I think I will polish the others with one of those soft silver jewelry cloths.


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