10 December 2012

Why We're Dating Other Social Media Sites: Google+

I spent most of my weekend engrossed in reading and studying ways to improve my blog.  All the behind the scenes technical details are definitely not my favorite thing to spend time on; but after hitting the first year mark of blogging, the time has come for me to actually make this place the best it can be.

So, for you my peeps, I'm making the effort.  I hope you will see some improvements in the near future.

Part of this transition is deciding which social media sites are best suited for {Home-ology}.  There are so many, one could spend an entire day just trying to keep up.  I've learned that the most beneficial thing to do is pick the places where you, my dear readers, will best benefit from our input and let the rest go.

We've recently developed a liking for Google+.  Have any of you have jumped onto the Google+ bandwagon?  If you haven't, I recommend you spend a little time there.  We really like the functionality of it, and I see some great interactive tools.
At first I looked at it with dread - ugggh, another social media site that I'm going to have to learn to navigate...  But as time has passed, we feel it has become the preferred alternative to Facebook we've been looking for.
We're not breaking up with Facebook.  But we have decided to date other social sites.  We find the relationship with Facebook has become a bit too complicated, with more and more take and less and less give.  Facebook is like the controlling boy/girlfriend who will only allow you to see "some" of your friends while excluding you from others you'd really like to spend time with.

It's just not healthy and we feel some relationship counseling might be beneficial.  Until that time, we have been wooed by Google+ and their easy, uncomplicated personality.

It's early in the relationship, and we're taking it slow in getting to know Google+.  But we're feeling pretty good about our decision to spend time with them.

I'd love to hear your opinions on your favorite social media sites.  Help us decide just where to put our time & efforts outside of this blog we love so dearly.  And, if you're on Google+, we'd love you to join our circle.  We've also created a community in Google+ aptly named The Vintage Home.  It's a place to share photos & ideas of your vintage finds and how you incorporate vintage into your home.  I hope you will join the group.  And you can find our home page @ {Home-ology} modern vintage on Google+.  Do stop by & say hello!



  1. I have heard good things about Google but just the thought of having to keep up with more than I already am is daunting......

    1. i know, i know, sherry! i was totally with you on that front; however, i'm so disheartened by fb's manipulation that i decided it was time to explore other avenues. so far i'm glad i did. i'm really liking the ease of google+ & find it very easy to navigate & learn. jump on board!

  2. I enjoy Google+. I really should do more on it, so I joined your community (and I have no idea what a community even is yet). The one that I thought I would LOVE and ended up not being so thrilled with was Twitter. I post my blog to it for the people that want to follow me that way, but other than that I don't use it a whole lot.

    1. pam, i'm thrilled you joined +the vintage home's community on g+ - your input will a perfect addition! i am loving g+ right now, although i'm still learning to navigate around; and i am totally with you regarding twitter. my twitter is more like crickets!!! way too many social sites vying for our attention - we all just have to pick our places & put our best out there. yes?

  3. Hey Sarah! love your site and I am excited to be blogging buddy! I am a google + girl, and trust me, I am still learning - big time. Look forward to being a part of the Vintage Home community as well!

    1. welcome kristen! i look forward to your contributions to the group!

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