27 December 2012

My 2013 Word for the Year

Christmas has come and gone, and now it's time to put our focus on a new year.  Can you believe 2012 passed so quickly?  It was such a busy year for {Home-ology}, and we are so grateful for all that came our way.  We're looking forward to another great year and can't wait to see what all it has in store.

On major thing I did in 2012 that I had not done before was to remain focused on a single word - a word powerful enough to motivate and inspire.   Last year I adopted a Word of the Year rather than a New Year's resolution, believing that my chances of success were much higher in the game {like the majority of us, I fail miserably at resolutions}.  It was one simple word, a word I knew I would be able to remember daily to help motivate and keep me focused.

My 2012 word for the year was "challenge."  

I wanted to challenge myself to do things that weren't always comfortable for me in order to grow my business and my blog.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but both the vintage market and blogging are extremely saturated arenas and highly competitive. If I could challenge myself to jump into those markets and swim among the bigger fish, I would have made that first step to be one step closer to my goal.

Looking back, I am proud to say that I did challenge myself to push forward and in doing so was rewarded with growth in both markets. As an added bonus, I also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and many new friends.  It was truly an unexpected bonus that was so much more than one could hope for. 

I truly enjoyed adopting a word of the year as a way to help me grow - personally and in business.  I have decided to take the challenge again for the upcoming year.  For 2013 I have chosen another word which will continue to push me out of my comfort zone, a word that is even more challenging.  

My 2013 Word of the Year is:  G R O W

I am challenging myself to take on all those things that will help me grow to be a better business, a better blogger, and a better person in general.  Growing in one category is a challenge itself; however, I believe that in order to grow, one must apply that growth to all aspects of one's life.

How about you?  Will you take on a Word of the Year?  


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  1. Wonderfully said! I feel the same way about everything you said! Good luck to us both right! :)


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