12 December 2012

Bar Essentials - Four "Must Haves" for your Holiday Party

Okay.  You've cleaned your home like a mad woman.  You've decorated the place to the nines.  You've put up the Christmas tree with love.  And, besides the bed, the only place you could be found for the past week has been in the kitchen baking up delicious holiday delights to share with friends & family at the Christmas party you have planned.

Am I right?

If so, did you remember to stock the most popular hangout at the party - the bar?  In truth, if you accomplished all of the above, I give you permission to stock the bar solely for yourself.  Just be sure to replenish it when the party rolls around ;)
If you've neglected to consider your bar, don't despair.  I am reposting a little series I did earlier this year on this very subject - just for you!  Now wasn't that sweet of me?  Yep, I'm awesome like that.

So here are the four "must haves" for the bar that I find to be essential.  Stick to this easy guide and your holiday get-together will most certainly be a smash!

Essential #1 - The Bar Station

Your bar station can be anything, so long as it's clearly designated as the bar.  It can be a piece of furniture, the kitchen counter, or, if you're newly married & hosting your first party in your first apartment, egg crates.  {But if that's the case, you can't afford to host a party in the first place because you need to be purchasing furniture instead of blowing your paycheck partying it up...  Ok, ok just kidding - it is the holiday season after all.} 

But you get the point, have a designated spot so guests will know where to hover uncomfortably while avoiding the forgetful aunt who's repeated the same story for the last ten years.

Essential #2 - The appropriate Glassware

There are six basic pieces of glassware which are essential for a full bar:  the highball, the lowball, the beer glass, a cocktail glass, a wine glass, and a shotglass.  In my post Stocking the Bar - Start with Glassware, I give an informative description of each one's purpose in your bar.  I think you may find it useful.

Essentail #3 - The Libations

Oh, the fun part!  Stocking the bar with libations can be as simple as one cocktail, one wine, & one beer offering.  Or, if you'd like, you can offer a more generous selection.  It's totally up to you.  Your party guests will enjoy, no matter what options you choose.  My post Stocking the Bar - The Main Ingredients lists the basic libations for a general offering of cocktails, wine, & beer, along with a good selection of condiments to go with specific cocktails.

Essential #4 - The Accessories

Okay, the libations were fun, I must admit.  But the accessories...  well, they're just the bling at the party!  The accessories are what make you, the awesome hostess, as awesome as you are.  Their purpose is pure function, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring.  In the last of my posts, Stocking the Bar - The Accessories, I list the main items you need on hand to help you do the job properly.

So there you have the four basic essentials for a great bar set up - the bar station, the glassware, the libations, & the accessories.  You can make it as simple or as complex as you wish.  But by having the basics in place, you're sure to be top on the list of go-to parties among all your friends!  And "thank you's" are completely unnecessary, just don't forget to send my invitation ;)

Happy Holidays !


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  1. I love your bar set up! And the placement under those pretty mounted plates is just perfect. I am on the hunt for a great bar cart, I;m hoping to find one before New Years!


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