28 November 2012

The Simplicity of a Nordic Christmas

When I took Christmas off last year, it was out of sheer exhaustion - plus an enormous shortage of personal time.  And for various reasons you can read about here, I didn't even put up a tree.  So this year, with all the fam coming into town, I've been way beyond excited to get started on my winter decorating.

I began last week with the front entryway {you can check out that post here} where I went with a more rustic style.  It reflects a big change for me from the last 25 years of Christmas decorating.
 rustic front entryway via homeologymodernvintage.com
I don't know about you, but up until now my idea of a beautiful Christmas was a ginormous tree filled to the brim with heirloom ornaments, a multitude of lights, and icicles dripping from every branch.  The house was dripping with garlands, wreaths, ribbons, candles, and there was a tree for every room.

I wonder how many of you are feelin' the eye popping overdone indulgence of Christmases past that I'm throwin' down here?  Are you, like me, exhausted at just the mere thought of the Christmas boxes lurking in your attic?  If so, you may want to follow me on my journey of simplicity this Christmas season.  

My Christmas design has transitioned to a more simplistic version of holiday cheer.  And I've come to greatly appreciate the qualities of Scandinavian design for that very reason.  Their use of bright whites, shimmery glass, and reflective silvers are all designed to brighten a short winter day.  And their use of rustic elements add the perfect contrast for a warm inviting space.
painted wash stand in winter white via homeologymodernvintage.com
Bringing the rustic Scandinavian feel into my home this winter meant I needed to bring in some whites.  And as much as I love to paint furniture, my house had not one single painted piece of its own.  Can you believe it?  Yep, it's true!  So I retrieved this sweet vintage beauty from my stockpile & gave it a wonderfully distressed coat of white.  Beautiful!

I then strategically placed it in my foyer so that it was one of the first pieces you see when you enter.  I love how this piece stands out now that it has been painted.  It becomes the perfect backdrop for a winter bouquet of clipped hemlock & cedar.
antique wash stand painted in winter white via homeologymodernvintage.com
I could fill this table with lots of Christmas fluff, but there's no need.  The simplicity of this set up needs no embellishment.
painted wash stand in winter white via homeologymodernvintage.com
Soon I'll show you what's around the corner.  I'm taking this look all the way through the house ;)
bouquet of winter evergreens via homeologymodernvintage.com
Just lovely!


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