13 November 2012

Seasonal Transitions - the planning

My focus this week hasn't been on the business side of life as much as it has been on playing around the house.  This time of year, my mind wanders to beautiful wintry things - crisp, clear nights; houses draped in sparkly lights; outdoor evergreens with snowy dustings and icicles hanging from the tips of their branches.  Such a beautiful contrast from summer's lush greens.

And as I dream of winter sceneries, I start planning some scenery for our own home. I've got most of the prep work out of the way {the yard is cleaned up, the flower beds are put to rest, the house has had a good cleaning, & I've gone through a stage of decluttering}, so now I can begin the creative process.  For me, that begins with planning & reviewing.

I like to look back at what I've done in previous years for some inspiration.  Here are some of last year's creations.
A vintage sled was used to create a winter display by wiring a large styrofoam block to its top, then covering it with sheet moss, evergreens, and a trio of branch candle pillars.
Here I recycled an old Victorian foot stool into a planter by attaching chicken wire to the interior, lining it with moss, then filling with colorful pansies.  You can also find a few more of last year's winter creations here.
And this was the front entryway last winter when I  simply gathered things from our property.  It's amazing how much beauty can be found in your own back yard.  I posted the process here and was really happy with how it turned out.  I'm inclined to stay with that same idea this year - but perhaps with a bit more embellishment ;)

In addition to a lot of pinning and reading blogs, looking back at last year's displays helps foster new ideas for this year.

I have to admit, most of the fun is in the planning!


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