03 October 2012

Year One

As of yesterday, October 1st, it was exactly one year ago that I closed the doors to my antiques shop in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, changed the name of my business and my blog,  and moved my inventory from "tiny town" to our current retailer, the Queen of Hearts, Alpharetta.  It's my blog's one year blogiversary and my business' one year anniversary!
Looking back at one of my first blog posts here as {Home-ology} modern vintage, it's comforting to see that the decisions I made then were good ones.  I'm so proud to see that the vision I had for my business one year ago is the reality of my business today.  It's such a great feeling of accomplishment! 
Initially, I decided I wasn't going to make a deal of the anniversary.  I want things to be much bigger than they are and I still have a ways to go before I reach my goal.  One year does not a success make and I felt I should be in a bigger place before I was worthy of giving myself a celebration.

However, yesterday a customer and I were talking about the whole vintage business.  She left the market just recently because it required too much of her time.  Our discussion made me realize just how important this anniversary actually is in the whole scheme of things and that I need to celebrate the little successes of the journey as much {if not more so} as the end goal.

With that said, I am appreciating the little successes that I've made thus far and have decided to celebrate each & every one of them.
This is the little booth we made our home after closing the shop.  It's strange looking back at where we started and seeing how much it has changed over this year.  I still love this booth and continue to keep it filled with all sorts of rustic & industrial.  It has been very good to me.  So good in fact that I decided to give it a sibling:
The mid-century booth.  Oh how this one makes my heart skip a beat!

But that wasn't enough, because more is good.  So, just one more booth was added for good measure:
The rustic booth.  This one stays very busy!

A lot has happened for my little business in the last year.  It has been very good and for that I am so very thankful!

I'm also so very thankful for my customer and the conversation we shared.  Had it not been for her, I would have missed all the goodness contained in the little milestones I've accomplished so far.

I have been given the best of anniversary gifts.  In this, my first year, I have learned that goodness comes in the least likely of places and the "success" is in the journey, not the end.

Here's to many more anniversaries to come!



  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! (I actually thought it was the 2nd, but with everything going on...) I am very proud of you!
    You have come a long way with allot of hard work and dedication. I know with your natural talent and sharp eye for detail, the continued success will keep growing.
    I second your great quote," the success is in the journey, not the end". That applies to life as well if one is to slow down and take notice. Otherwise too many people die disappointed thinking, "they will be happy when......"
    Love your posts, talent, creativity, and the most, YOU.
    From the Mr.who fixes things, totes things, glues things, make things............... ;o)

  2. Glad to have you at the Queen and many more years to come!

  3. I love your booths at The Queen.....you have a great eye!


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