09 October 2012

vintage Goodness {Weekend Finds}

I have been so incredibly busy lately but found a small window of opportunity this weekend to hit a few of my favorite stops.  Sometimes I get a motherload of awesomeness, other times only a handful.
Just a handful this weekend.  But some quality goods.
Lovin' this skeleton of an old Victorian umbrella.
The ebony stem ends with a mother-of-pearl and sterling silver handle.
Peeking from behind the umbrella are two tiny cobbler shoe forms.  I like that they are little.  They will make very good paper weights.
This old storage tray is made of wood & is covered in leather with brass trim details.  So pretty & functional.  I can see it being used in a bedroom or bath to store hand towels and toiletries.  It would also be uber cute used in a child's room to store smalls & books.  I believe it was originally part of an old steamer trunk.

And last, but certainly not least, is the old clock face in the background.  How could I resist a sweet face like that?  I like it as it is-being used for decoration; but I'm seriously thinking of restoring it so that it will work once again.

I'm almost finished painting a pair of chests that have taken so much time & effort!  Lots & lots of work, but they are turning out beautifully and are going to be worth the effort.  I went out of my comfort zone as far as color choice.  I'm so glad I did!

Pic's to come! 



  1. Love your finds, Sarah! I recently found an umbrella skeleton too...just love them. Happy hunting!

  2. i can totally see you work your magic on these lovely finds sarah :D as always, i can't wait to see your finished product :) great eye!


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