17 October 2012

Victorian Chests Complete... {Well Almost}

painted victorian chest via homeologymodernvintage.com This pair of chests have been very demanding all through their restoration.  Uncooperative.  I might even say they've been a bit bratty.
By the condition they were in when they came to me, you'd think they'd be so grateful for all the love & attention they've received.  But some pieces are just that way - thinking they're all entitled & deserving.
painted victorian chest via homeologymodernvintage.comAttitude...

They've both got it.  But I suppose if I looked this good, I'd have attitude, too ;)  They're all sassy and in your face - and you gotta respect that.

If you want to look back at their totally unbecoming beginnings in this post, you can see what a hot mess the two were.  But a pair of chests is hard to come by, so we gave them much precious time.

This post shows them repaired & painted, looking refreshed & ready.  And the following post is where I was working on some knob love for them.  They got lots of knob love.

The knobs are usually the finishing touch.  That's where the piece says "thank you" and I get to feel all proud & happy.  But these two did not thank me.  No, no.  Instead, they were pouty & not happy with any of the knobs I tried.

Until today!
Black!  They wanted black knobs!!!  Who knew?  I thought black would be too much, but no!  I am so happy that they are finally  happy...

But not the kind of chests to go down quietly, of course they would choose the pulls of which I only had six {enough for one chest}.

Not to worry.  More are on order.

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  1. hahahaha love that you got them their own personalities :) the end result is amazing! love the color :) the black suited them perfectly!

    1. oh yeah, bijou! these girls were so sassy & fought me all the way!

  2. OMG! I stopped by to thank you for your comment and I've fallen in love with your blog! :)
    My style is definitely Vintage Modern and I love everything I've seen here. I used to have a booth and now I'm wistfully remembering it. It really took a lot of time and work but I did enjoy it.
    and then you made me laugh outloud about the sports thing. I too, am envious of people that enjoy them so much. But WHY? I just don't get it. Thanks again for the encouraging comment!
    Your newest Follower! - Cindi

    1. thanks, my newest follower for the sweet comment! {and put that button on your blog!}


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