10 October 2012

A Work in Progress {Victorian Chests}

After two long months, I was hoping to have these guys off my plate today.
 Circumstances took me in another direction, so it was not to be.  But tomorrow is another day & another chance.  I feel certain they will be done tomorrow.  Absolutely.  For sure.
 Remember their humble beginnings?  They were a bit of a train wreck.
But thankfully I am married to a great guy who is up for just about any idea/project/fix it/diy I can throw at him, & he's done his magic here.  They are solid now and constructed in an even better state than their original.  These puppies will last forev-ah!

I told you I was going outside of my comfort zone as far as my color choice.  I'm usually not a pastel kinda girl; but I am really loving color right now - lots of it.  I've gone from the 8 color crayola box to the 64.  {Nothing like going all out.}

The color is a spring green called "Stem" by Benjamin Moore.  And when the pieces are situated inside, it's a beautifully soft shade of green.

After years of playing around with latex, I've returned to oil based paints.  They've always been my choice of paint.  It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but I've decided it's worth the extra time & effort.  You can't beat if for durability & good looks.

This pair of chests has two coats of oil primer and two coats of enamel paint.

If you decide to try oil based paints, just remember - there's no wash & go here.  Patience is a must.  Each coat takes a good 24 hours to cure and there is some serious clean-up duty afterwards.  Oh, did I mention the fumes?  It isn't something that can be done in an enclosed area.  Ventilation is an absolute necessity.
A clean & modern update.  Next is drawer pulls, then off to the Queen!  I'm thinking crystal knobs...


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