08 October 2012

A Fire

We had a fire going today.  There's absolutely nothing better on a Sunday than watching the Falcons play an awesome game of football while a fire is burning and we're all bundled up on the comfy couch.  Today's weather is typical fall bliss - cloudy skies overhead and the winds blowing spent leaves to the ground.  I do so love it.

Looking at the burning fire reminds me that it's time to make our mantle more of a focal point for the upcoming cold weather months ahead.  We didn't put up a tree last year {don't judge} but embellished our home in other ways to keep the feeling of the holidays alive in simpler ways.   If your curious to see what we did, you can look back at last year's posts here where I decorated the front door, and here where I decorated the mantle.

I still have those twigs in my vases.  They just seem to belong there.  I like how they appear as an extension of the painting & seem to jump out in a 3D kind of way.
holiday mantle via homeology modern vintage
holiday mantle via homeology modern vintage
So glad to see how I've advanced in my photography skills since these photos were taken.  Don't get me wrong, I am nowhere near the skill level of most, but I have definitely come a long way over the year!

Happy fall y'all!


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  1. one of my biggest dreams in our next house would be a fireplace :) yours look soooo cosy and inviting :D


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