29 October 2012

A Busy Weekend

Such a busy weekend!  Atlanta hosted the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain, & I was so excited to spend Friday & Saturday helping my friend, Cheryl, of Vintage Finds work her booth.  Let me tell ya, so much work goes into doing these shows!  Those girls worked tirelessly taking their booths from shambles to chic all in a day's time.  So impressive how they make it all come together so beautifully!

Cheryl's booth got lots & lots of love throughout the show, and no wonder!  She has a fantastic eye for vintage.
homeologymodernvintage.comShe and her partner in crime, Susan, knocked it out of the park in their section of the fair.
The show was crazy busy and filled with more inspiration than one person can mentally process!  So many creative souls displaying their wares and handmades - I tried hard not to drool over it all while I was admiring, but it wasn't easy!  I so can't wait for next year's show ;)

And if you want to see more of Cheryl & Susan's vintage goodness, they are monthly vendors at the Scott Antiques Market.  You'll always find them in the South Building at the end of aisle K6.  If you are frequent visitors at Scott's, you've probably already fawned over their beautiful finds.  If not, do stop by & say hello!

And today?  For me, the entire day was spent at the Queen revamping one of the booths in preparation for the Holiday Open House.  I didn't complete all I wanted, but it was a good start...  and I had so much fun talking with my customers throughout the day!  When I'm working my booths I always try to get my work done & get out as soon as possible.  But today I was there the entire day.  I was great fun chatting it up with my peeps!

I appreciate all of you more than you know!



  1. ur friends booth is sooo dreamy! like out of a picture book! i wish i was there :) have a fun-filled week this week!

  2. I do remember this booth. I wanted the vintage canisters, but just didn't have enough money since I knew I was going back to the QOH for a beautiful antique. I can't believe I missed you again. I was there right after they opened and it took us a while to load the piece. I will probably be at the open house.

  3. Oh boy that chest is gorgeous!! I missed the CLF.....really wanted to go:(

  4. Hey Sarah...Thanks so much for the post! Was such a fun weekend and was great to have you there. Happy my green chest has a new home along with so many other things! We gotta get you a spot for your awesome finds next year, girl!!

  5. Sarah,
    It was nice meeting you and your hubs at the shop on Sunday. We had so much fun shopping there.


    1. linda, i was so, so happy to get to meet you as well {it was one of the highlights of my day!!!}


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