24 September 2012

Vintage Goodness {Antique Mirror}

I inherited this beautiful mirror from my grandmother.  It hung above her silver chest in the dining room.  Now it resides in my foyer.  I always admired it and was very happy to have it take residence in my home.
I recently found a similar one on a road trip.  Hard to tell from this pic, but this one is oval.
I was going to hang them together as a pair, since they both look a tad lonely on their own.  But I kind of like how them as they are.  I like how they subtlety connect the two rooms together as you're looking in this direction.
I think I'll live with this a while.

Besides, as bare as the wall is there in the foyer, its my favorite dumping ground for work projects that Mr. {Home-ology} needs to carry down to the basement.  See the pendant lamp & the chandy laying there?  They were works in progress at the time, and that spot is the holding place for all that stuff!

Man, that chair cushion needs to be fluffed.  Oh, and do you see the patch repair on the wall?  Yep, that's been there for, oh, let's just say "a while" & leave it at that...  

Reality bites...

Also, a big thanks to Maryann from Domestically Speaking for featuring my French linen press on her painting blog Power of Paint last Friday - lots of inspiration over there.  Do stop by for a visit!


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  1. Love both mirros! So great finding that special item that connects with an item you already have. Extra special that it was your grandmother's!


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