07 September 2012


Today my search continued for deliciously awesome goods to stock in the booths.  Unfortunately, it was another disappointing day.  A few items were picked, but nothing that lit my fire the way a truly good pick does.

By 4 pm, I decided to head home - discouraged & disappointed once again, in addition to being tired, dirty, & ready for a glass of wine.  But first I needed to run one last errand to pick up a few staples.  It's by a little shop I hit every so often {wink}, so I decided to make a quick run through before they closed for the day.

And as I came around the corner & up one isle, there it was...  My heart beat an extra time or two as my eyes fell upon the spectacular beauty in front of me.  It was love at first site.  But dare I look at the price, only to be heartbroken once again?  Should I tease myself with one more thing that I couldn't carry home with me?  After all, luck wasn't in my favor.

Of course I couldn't resist.  Maybe they didn't know what they had.  Maybe they didn't appreciate it's beauty the way I did.  Maybe it was a relic they were desperate to be rid of.  Maybe the picking gods were feeling a bit kinder to me after my woeful week.  Whatever the reason, I looked - and I'm so glad I did.
antique confectioner's table via homeologymodernvintage.com
{a quick shot I took just before it was being loaded into the van.}
Oh yeah.  It was going home with me.

This is a beautiful early 1900's confectioner's table from France. Tables de Confiseur {as they are known} were used to display and serve tea, pastries and candies in tea rooms or candy/pastry shops.  Sorry for the not so glamorous photo, I promise a better one later.  But until then, feast your eyes upon this one:

Isn't she a beauty?

I love it when serendipity plays a role in my adventures.  For some reason, it makes the "find" so much more fun.  Maybe it was just meant to be, but whatever the reason, it was mine now.


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