06 September 2012

Road Trip Woes

I'm home!  After 10 hours junkin' on the road, I'm home...  Another work day down.

And just what did my day long road trip add to the booty, you may be asking?  Well, not much.  Just a whole lot of nothing.

It's been a recurring theme on many of my road trips lately.  And with the cost of gas to fuel my uber ginormous econo van, it was an easy $100 wasted with nothing to show for it.  My yard sales have been stale, my auction & estate sale usuals are dry, and road trips have been a complete waste of my day.  I'm a little panicky since it's the height of the season and my inventory is dwindling at furiously rapid pace.

It's a great problem to have, I admit; but that doesn't make me feel better when my job is to have a constant supply of awesomeness stuffed into each & every booth at all times.  The pressure is great people!

And just to make matters worse, I've been so busy keeping up with inventory that I haven't had the time to take pic's & feature the new inventory as it comes in.  I'm truly sorry for that because that's the fun part for me.  I enjoy the visual of seeing each find highlighted in all its glory.  A debut of sorts.  As I feature a piece, it gives me an opportunity to admire, love, & appreciate it before I send it off to its new home.  I miss that.

As difficult as it has been, I won't give up on my never ending search to find awesomeness.  My search continues.  And I promise more pics.


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