26 September 2012

Pumpkin Luminaries

pumpkin luminaries via homeologymodernvintage.comAre you guys ready for some ghouly fun this Halloween?  These pumpkin luminaries are just the ticket to get your All Hallow's Eve party started.  {And they make great guests!} 
pumpkin luminaries via homeologymodernvintage.com
 pumpkin luminaries via homeologymodernvintage.com
These little fellas are made from colored tissue paper which allows the light to illuminate with a haunting glow.

Our oldest daughter used to love to celebrate Halloween.  Too old to trick or treat, she & her group of friends would get together each year for a pumpkin carving party instead.  We'd grill out burgers for them & just let them do their thing.  It was fun to watch how creative they'd get with carving their pumpkins.
pumpkin luminaries via homeologymodernvintage.com
When the party was an annual event at the Krouse house, I made these pumpkin luminaries for some ghoulish atmosphere & fun.

Long ago stored away in the attic, I had completely forgotten about their existence until I ran across them once again on The Queen's site {Martha, that is}.  Remembering that I still had mine, I retrieved the little guys from the attic and brought them out to play once again!pumpkin luminaries via homeologymodernvintage.com
I think they were very happy to be brought out.

Now that the g'babies are 1 & 3, I have a new reason to celebrate the most fun holiday that exists!  I can't wait to see their expressions when they see them all lit up ;)

Not too spooky, just spooky enough!

If you think you might like to create some "bootiful" luminaries of your own, follow the link here for Martha's instructions:  Pumpkin Luminaries.  Do be sure to pay attention to the thumbnail "Finishing Touches" on the bottom of the link.  It's there that you'll get instructions on how to get them all dressed & ready for the party.

Also, a couple of things to know before you begin:  the project is a tad time consuming due to drying times; is a little on the messy side;  and there are quite a few items on the list of supplies.  But it's an easy project overall and the results are so worth it.  Just prepare your craft station, give yourself plenty of room to work, & have fun with it!

They truly are quite the show stoppers when all lit up & are well worth the love ;)

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