05 September 2012

On the Hunt {for Grasscloth Wallpaper}

Grasscloth on the walls.  I remember swearing I'd never have it in my home.  But then again, after removing layers upon layers, I remember swearing against wallpaper altogether.

I think I've had a change of heart on both counts.
Grasscloth, I heart you for your classic elegance, your sophisticated air, & your eco-friendly vibe.  I love your textural qualities and how your warm embrace hugs a room.  I have a new love and grasscloth is it's name.  But can I commit?  That remains to be seen.
Perhaps just lining the back of a bookcase would be a great way to "live" with our new relationship.  If we're still love after a few months, I'll paper to my heart's content.
The endless possibilities we could share together...  {I think you'll be seeing my own version of this in the future.}



  1. I love it, too, but not sure I can put any wallpaper back in.

    1. I know, kim, I know! there's nothing worse than ugly outdated wallpaper. it's been a nemesis of mine for years, & i swore never to have it in my home. but i'm having a change of heart. we'll see if it lasts. ;)


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