25 September 2012

In the Garden

This week will be a week of posts from the garden.  It's that time of year.

I'll be spending my days getting cool weather weeds under control & cleaning up the beds.  Lots of fall clean up is in order before the winter's cold sets in and before I can truly focus on some fun holiday indoor projects.
This year has been a bountiful year in the garden with many of my perennials reblooming - something they've never done before.  And although we are still at a deficit for rain, this year's rain has been more than we've had in the last seven years.  It sure did make my garden happy.
I've had these sweet anemones for seven years; however, it's usually so dry & arid by September that they fade before they get an opportunity to bloom.  However, this year they finally bloomed for me!  I was so happy to see their sweet little faces.
My camellia has begun to bloom as well - another old fashioned favorite of mine.
 And I'm loving the orange berries on my cotoneaster.  Perfect for a fall bouquet!
 Okay, I'm leaving you with this.
We've been babysitting this little guy for the past week.  He's grown on me.  I mean, how could I resist that face - those  lashes!!!  Really?  Why is it it's always the guys that get the great lashes?

He reminds me of a Dr. Seuss character.  Too stinkin' adorable!

Happy Tuesday, my peeps!



  1. flowers make me happy :) and little doggies with cute lashes too ;) enjoy the rest of your week sarah!


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