17 August 2012

You Might Be a Picker

  • If you find yourself longing for a "hunt" every time you have 10 minutes to spare in your day, you might be a picker.

  • If the highlight of your week is the Thursday edition of your local newspaper and the first place you go to is the classifieds, you might be a picker.

  • If your favorite line-up of television shows somehow involve storage units, dilapidated barns, or  found items picked off the curb, you might be a picker.

  • If you are unable to pass by a thrift store no matter how seedy & unsavory the area may be, you might be a picker.

  • If your vacation isn't complete until you have scoured every nook & cranny of this "new territory," you might be a picker.

  • If an ideal date night with your spouse includes dinner at the local auction house "food bar," you might be a picker.

If you answered yes to all of the above, your a picker.

Happy Friday & happy picking.  May all your stops be filled with vintage goodness!



  1. And if you can't resist flipping over every vase, dish, or figurine you find to look for a hallmark- you might be a picker!

    Great post. You really nailed it!

    1. i've been known to do it at restaurants knowing full well that they aren't even collectible yet! is that wrong?

  2. You really summed it up well!

    My vcations are not complete unless I've hit up every GW and thrift in a 20 mile radious of where I'm staying-lol.

  3. Guilty here. And also the Chauffeur of one of the prettiest pickers around!


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