14 August 2012

The Stuff Nightmares are Made of

Be warned, this is not a pretty post.  There is no beautiful "after" reveal.  I have no pretty things to display.  It's just some brutal truth - the kind of stuff that happens when life gets in the way.  Some days just throw you completely off track.  Today was one of those days.  It's payback for a great last week, I'm convinced.

Let me preface this post with a bit of history:

With four grown daughters, we have had our share of "coming homes."  For various reasons, they come and they go.  The last "visit" lasted a year and included two dogs.  It's okay, we love having them near us, and we have a finished basement that rarely is used at any other time, so there's plenty of room to spare.  A few months ago these "visitors" moved on to real lives of their own.  However, they left behind some uninvited guests.

Pause here while you imagine what that could have been...

Yep.  Fleas.  Tons of them.  As I said, we rarely use the basement, & it remains closed off 99 percent of the time.  So those suckers had plenty of time to grow & prosper over these last few months.  But this morning I had a need to retrieve something from the bedroom downstairs.  As I was busily working on my task, I felt something at my feet.  I looked down and saw that I was literally covered in fleas.  OMG!  Freaking out at this point, I was!!!  There was a lot of screaming & jumping.  It wasn't pretty.

I don't mind bugs, mind you - when they are in their environment.  But when they invade my environment, it's a whole different story.  It was game on.  All my plans for the day were put on hold while I dealt with the stand off between me & my uninvited guests.

The entire house had to be fumigated.  But you all know that isn't the end.  If you're an uber clean freak like me, you know there's going to be some serious work ahead of you after an event like this.  An entire house cleaning.  Not just a light routine cleaning - I mean, there were bombs of poison going off in my home.  All that residue had to be removed.  It was an all day task and I'm exhausted.  But at least I can sleep tonight.

I just hope those fleas don't find their way into my dreams.

I did, however, have a little time to get some work done while the house was in quarantine.  I managed to patch & paint this cute little piece I picked up a while back.

It's a French linen press.  Isn't she pretty and so practical?  Oui!
Sorry that I didn't photograph her complete with her drawers, but she does have them.  They were just put aside for some minor rejuvination.
Her aged finish was in bad condition, which actually works in my favor because that means I get to paint her.  I mean, with all of those pretty curves and lines, she is going to be a knock-out with a bit of paint to highlight her details.

A work in progress.  Can't wait to see her finished!


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  1. oh dear!!!!!!! you must be exhausted. buggers are literally a pest! good to know ur back on track and amazed u still had the time to get some work done on ur beautiful french linen press :)


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