03 August 2012

Progress Made

Our newest home at the Queen of Hearts in its unfinished stage.
So, here's where you will find our latest acquisition - our booth on Meeting Street {in addition to the two on Church Street}.

A couple of teases from the new booth.

I know I promised lots of pic's from the new space.  However, after all the hard work this week, this the newest booth isn't photo ready just yet.  There's still a bit of "bare bones" to him, & I didn't want to show him not fully dressed you know...

And it took waaaay more time to updo the other booths than I anticipated.

With the fall season on its way, I decided it was important to get the primitives ready and on display.  Can you believe it's right around the corner?

Lots of goodness for the Fall.
You guys know how much I love old bottles.  There's always a place for them - especially when the setting is rustic & outdoors.

I'm also currently enamored with these little plaster clip-on birds.  They're from the 50's & were used to clip onto your clay flower pots.  So cute & unique!

 And just for measure, a few items from the industrial booth {'cause you know I don't want to leave anybody out}

1940's dress form complete with vintage clothes pins bag & wooden hangers.

 Who can resist a rotary phone with coordinating green cord?  Not me, obviously.

I had to have this little fella.  I can't help but wonder what 25 cents would have bought in the 50's when he was being displayed.

Desk top fans rule.

This old lab set is now a bud vase.

Is anyone else drawn to old light bulbs?

I can't help but be fascinated by their inner workings.

Ditto for the old glass battery jars.  My love for these started with my grandmother who had a pair on her stairwell window.  She always grew philodendrons in them.  When she passed, my mother inherited the pair - she preferred to house her fish in them.

So there you go.  Lots of this week's busy-ness was cleaning up the industrial booth, moving the mid century booth to a larger location, then taking that booth & stuffing it with garden & primitives.  Happiness is in the progress!


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