22 August 2012

Modern Wall Hanging in Gold

It was such a beautiful day today.  55 degrees this morning with a high of 77.  You just can't ask for any better!  No doubt all you junkers like me were outside working on projects and enjoying this preseason tease of fall weather.

I was out there working like no tomorrow with not a drop of dew on my brow.  Sweet!  One of my projects was this wrought iron wall piece I found yesterday.  Don't you agree it has the potential to be something awesomely modern?

Nice as is, all black & stuff; but I don't think it does it justice.  It wants to be colorful.  I really, really wanted to paint it yellow.  However, this is something that I think I may keep for myself, so yellow just won't cut it with my color scheme.  {But in my imaginary eclectically modern home, that yellow would fit in very nicely!}

Anywho, since yellow isn't an option I went with gold.  Gold is back & I am one happy camper about that.  I love gold.  There are just certain colors that define you.  Either you're a blue person, or your a green person.  Either you love silver, or you love gold.  None in any particular order.  I love green, and I love gold.  That's just me.  I wonder what that means about my personality.

But I digress...

I found this can of gold paint in my craft room.  I've had it forevah.  Because I really wanted a true gold tone, not a "spray paint" gold, I thought I'd pull it out & see what potential it had.  It is some fabulous paint people!  A true metallic gold.  Once I realized I was in love with it, I did a little research to see where I could get another fix can to support my gold addiction.

Unfortunately, it's no longer made.  From what I can glean, Nybco was bought out by Pratt & Lambert, who was then bought out by SW back in the 1990's.  Jeez, I knew I had that can for a while!

I think Sherwin-Williams should bring it back - it's amazing stuff.

So, as you may know, I'm trying to incorporate more modern elements into my very traditional home {as you can tell by the chintzy wingback - one day soon I will slipcover these puppies}.  But I think the wall hanging may look quite nice over this chair.  What do you think?

modern wall hanging via homeologymodernvintage.com
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a true gold spray paint?  I mean, this can isn't going to last forever - so then what will I do?  Do you have a favorite way to get a "true" gold effect?  Do tell!


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