08 August 2012

How to Frame Wallpaper as Art

I'm having a difficult time finding the right things to fill wall space in the new booth at Queen of Hearts.  Since I'm focusing on furniture in this space, I want an edited look that doesn't take up a lot of visual - just enough to accent the furniture pieces.

So what do I do when I run into a design roadblock?  I head to my work room for some creative inspiration.  There's lots up there just waiting to be discovered, and today it was my collection of wallpapers.

I like to pick up pretty wallpapers whenever I get a chance - they're great for so many things and can be found in small quantities for very little cost.  This particular roll was a mere 99 cents!  People, that's way cheaper than wrapping paper and so much prettier!  Yes, the time had come to put it into good use.

This paper is a bit Bohemian in it's shimmery pink & gold chinoiserie-style.  Very pretty and perfect for the eclectic look I'm after.
Initially I was thinking of making a trio of large screens.  However, while in my work room, I also found lots of old frames which I desperately need to take advantage of.  So, for this project, it's framed wallpaper art for me.  And best of all, it's inexpensive, easy, quick, & makes a huge impact - awesome!!!
Here's the materials list used for this project, 'cause I know you're gonna want to do this for yourself:
Picture frame, wallpaper, spray adhesive, scissors, & a measuring tape or ruler.  If you chose to custom paint your frame, as I did, you will also need a quality artist's brush & acrylic paints.
Select the frame size of your choice.  Don't worry about color so much as size.  My frame is a simple black with gold edge - not what I'm after.  However, I'll soon change that as you will see.

First, I laid my wallpaper out so that I could choose the part of the design I wanted to feature.  Once that decision was made, I laid the frame's glass on top of the design in order to visually center it.  Using a measuring tape, I measured from the center of the design to the edge of the glass, ensuring that I was level both horizontally and vertically.  Once I was sure, I traced around the glass and trimmed my paper to the appropriate size.
You know that cheap cardboard liner they add to to the frame to help hold the picture in place?  You are going to use that as the backing for your artwork.  {See, I told you this was going to be easy!}
Simply spray your adhesive onto the backing following the directions on the label. {I really like the Elmer's spray adhesive - it allows you a few minutes to make adjustments before it sets permanently - once set, it has great hold.}

Next, apply your wallpaper.  I found it easiest to first roll the paper inside out, then apply the paper to the bottom edge of the backing.  Roll the paper upward as you press the paper securely onto the backing, ensuring that any bubbles are removed as you go.
Here's mine once it was applied to the backing.

That's all there is to this project, people.  If you are happy with your frame, all you need to do to complete your project is to place it in the frame & hang up your awesome piece of art!

However, as I mentioned, I wanted my frame to have more pop.  So I simply painted my frame in a color that was complimentary to my art, allowed it to dry, then assembled my art in it's new frame.
So, here it is all pretty!  This is the first one.  I'll make two more for the space.
I think they will do very nicely in their new home!
If you're in need of some action on your bare walls, using wallpaper is a quick & inexpensive alternative to artwork - giving you high impact without a high price.  On top of that, this project is rated super-duper easy on the difficulty scale.

It just doesn't get any better than that.


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  1. great idea sarah! i will deffo lookout for wallpaper in my haunts :) love the pink paint you painted on the frame :D


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