01 August 2012

Busy Work

People, I was busy yesterday.  Sooooo incredibly busy.

 But the new booth at the Queen has a pretty coat of paint and is drying as we speak.  Hubby even helped paint.  Lesson learned.  Ladies, don't let your husbands paint, just don't.  Hub's was going on & on over how much he liked the paint I purchased &  how smoothly it was rolling on.  I continued with the trim enjoying the fact that he was happy with the paint.  Then it happened.  I saw the trail of splattered paint all over the floor.  Specks e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  How could one not see the trail of horror, I don't understand...  Anyway, let me just say I didn't enjoy the additional task of laboriously scrubbing the floor.

I would rather have been doing something like this


I forgot to bring my camera home so I can't post any pic's.  But tomorrow will be another full day & I promise to show lots of them!



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